After more than 27 years’ corporate activity experience, we believe that few events get people working together better than our fantastic filmmaking days. Whether it’s a TV commercial, a comedy or a racy 007 thriller, your own pop video, whatever you chose your teams will thoroughly enjoy making a movie with our seasoned pros. You help our professional editors who will add sound FX , music and titles etc. We can then screen the finished films over dinner, or send them on to you within a day or two.  
Contact us now and we will help you come up with the best team-building day you will have ever had.  


Delegates will love what we plan for them – Our filmmaking team building days are one of the most flexible team building ice breaker events available. Apart from being great fun, your teams will learn, because filmmaking draws on every business skill. Direction and shooting are important, but if the teams can’t plan, co-operate, delegate and time manage, and the movie may bomb at the end-of-event awards ceremony as everyone watches the edited films over dinner! This team building day is about motivating each other, taking responsibility, working together and generating pride in their project all of which will be carried forward into the work place and may even earn an Oscar! 


Your teams write the scripts and film on our broadcast quality equipment. 
Then we edit the films together, adding music and special effects to your instructions. 
Finally, we screen them at the end of the day or during your Hollywood awards dinner! 


Duration: Completely Flexible 
Group Size: 4+ 
Location: At your chosen venue or we can sort out the ideal venue on your behalf. 
Extras: We can provide a fly on the wall film of your event day in progress. 
We give each team the following to use during the filmmaking day: 
A broadcast quality camera and microphones 
Scene marker boards 
Camera training 
Editing on professional systems alongside professional editors 
Professional actor & actress facilitators 
The whole event is overseen by an experienced event facilitator and compare 
If you would like to find out more or make a booking, please call or email us and we'll be happy to help! 
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