One of my specialities is helping professional actors to create compelling and engaging showreels. I can re-edit your existing showreel or create a showreel from scratch. This enables actors to better promote their acting and credentials and abilities. 
Here is an example I did for Jamie Kenna who's showreel helped him get a top agent and more work. 
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Why am I not getting any auditions? 

I probably get asked this 20 times a week! Invariably it's down to your marketing and perhaps agent. I have to defend agents here though. If you have a bona fide agent it is probably not down to them. I would say if you are on spotlight and your headshots are all good, what is your acting showreel like? Have you even got a showreel? Trust me, if you don't have anything by way of a showreel, you are going to be taking a backseat in this business. Yes, a showreel is vital nowadays, but it needs to be a good one.  

I already have a showreel, but it is not working for me? 

So you already have a showreel, but you are still not getting auditions right? Well firstly does the reel truly represent you as you are today? If a casting director asks you in to an audition or TV casting , are they going to be seeing exactly the same person they saw on your current headshot and showreel? 
NB: If not, you are going to seriously miff the CD and Director!!  

I do not have any footage at all...what do I do? 

Create a bespoke shot from scratch reel. I can help you with this. I have created a number of bespoke shot from scratch showreel scenes for actors. There are those who will say, one should not do this. I have never met a CD or Director who has said that though. In fact I have know some CD's who would say why on earth not?! 
However, if you have a bad bespoke showreel, then of course that will go against you. I only write very simple everyday original scripts. Remember, the caster is looking for you and do you suit the role they are looking to fill. They are NOT looking for the film makers Hollywood skills or fancy special FX and neither do they need complicated scripts. They are simply looking at your casting type and do you match it, and of course, can you act.  
Myself and my team will create great looking scenes with great sound. I am an experienced director as well as an actor. I will make certain to get the very best of you and your casting type too. 

Should I be doing student films for showreel footage? 

If I had a pound for every client who has told me they did a great role on a student film, but are still awaiting the footage.... I would be pretty wealthy by now! Or... I have the footage, but the sound is rubbish etc etc... believe me, I have heard it all! However, I have also been able to use some great film clips the actors have bought me too, but I would say on the whole, it is rare to get really usable footage from the average student film. If you do a student film always make sure you are going to get a copy of your scenes for me to edit into your showreel.  

Bespoke showreel, shot from scratch showreel 

When I create show from scratch reels there are several considerations and advantages.  
Create simply scenes which show off your exact casting type 
Share the cost of your showreel with a contrasting showreel partner 
I like it if the actors get together and write their own scenes, I will happily go over the dialogue prior to the shoot day in order to make it all work if required.  

What happens on the shoot day? 

I meet the actors and whilts my crew set up the first scene, I go through the scene with the actors. I direct and at this stage we may find we can change or cut a few lines if required.  
We go through the costumes youhave bought and chose ideal clothes.  
Once we are happy we can start the shoot scene by scene.  
Each scene is shot as a single on each actor as well as a two shot etc.  
the shoot day will proceed just as it would on a TV or Film set.  
If you would like to find out more or arrange for your own showreel to be created, please call or email me and I'll be happy to help! 
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